Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the cooking cure: days 2 and 3

You thought I quit already, didn't you?  Nope.  Just didn't get around to posting last night.

Yesterday's assignment for The Cooking Cure was to look at my breakfast list I made on Monday and think about which foods I'd like to eliminate from the breakfast routine, which ones I love and want to keep in the rotation, a few things I'd like to eat more often, and three goals for breakfast going forward.

As you can see, I did the work.  I decided that the honey roasted sesame sticks should go, since I've discovered they're a huge red-light food (remember Weight Watchers??) for me right now.  And the only reason I grabbed them on that day is because I was in a rush for work and didn't get a chance to pack something better.  I want to keep my Greek yogurt and protein hot chocolate, both for the protein I get from them and for the great flavor, and keep the eggs and veggie sausage.  I also want to keep the egg bites, which leads me to my goals.  I want to do more make-ahead breakfasts, like baked goods with protein powder and the egg bites, and that will accomplish my goal of more variety.  Eventually I'll get tired of Greek yogurt.

So today's assignment was to find 5 recipes I want to try.  This was easy, because I'm always reading food blogs and magazines.  The 5 recipes I plan to try are:

  • Sausage and cheese egg bites
  • Bruschetta egg bites
  • Protein mini muffins
  • Frozen oatmeal discs
  • Ricotta pancakes

Notice these are all make-aheads.  Most of these recipes are found on one of my favorite blogs, The World According to Eggface (link is under my list of blogs on the home page).

Here's proof that I did the Day 2 assignment:

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