Thursday, March 20, 2014

last night's dinner

Last night I had 1.5 oz of chicken salad and two pieces of melba toast.  I bought the chicken salad at a store across from the bank I work at.  Actually, I was in a different location for training the last couple days and didn't bring lunch. There's a store across the street that's like a mini Whole Foods (it's in an affluent area) and they had some prepared foods in the cold case.  I decided on the chicken salad since it's high in protein and it didn't have any visible crunchies.  ("Crunchies" are large pieces of celery and/or onion that ruin tuna, chicken, egg, and potato salads.  Seriously, these salads should not crunch.  I like celery.  I like onion.  But not in these salads.)  I wasn't thrilled with it as it didn't seem to have any salt or pepper and there wasn't much mayo.  I decided to bring it home and mix in some mayo, salt, and pepper.

I bought some Melba toast a couple weeks ago.  I was looking for a lower calorie, lower fat alternative to regular crackers.  I made the mistake of trying it plain.  Blech!  Very bland. So, I put the chicken salad on top of it and called it dinner.  It was pretty good.  next time I will look for flavored Melba toast, though.

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