Saturday, March 29, 2014

the cooking cure: last day! (day 20)

Yesterday's assignment was to think about the last several weeks and figure out which assignments I liked the most and revisit those every few weeks.  I would say the ones I like best were the ones where I had to write down everything I ate the week before.  First of all, it was easy.  And second, it helped me see where I can improve for purposes of my weight loss surgery.  It helped me see which meals I put some thought into and which ones I just ate whatever was around.

I was also supposed to plan some meals for next week, which I did.  I plan to use a few of the recipes I haven't tried yet.

The purpose of my doing this challenge was mainly to do something and follow through on it.  I followed through until the end, but I admit I didn't always give 100%.  I found I fell down when it came to cooking a meal each night.  Some nights when I didn't cook it was just laziness.  Other times it was because I had commitments after work and didn't get home until 6:30 pm or later.  That might not sound late, but Bob gets home about an hour before I do and, because he gets up an hour and a half earlier than me, his meal times tend to be earlier than mine.  He eats lunch around 11:30 am, so he's pretty hungry when he gets home around 4:30 pm.  It's tough for him if he has to wait for me to get home and then wait for dinner to cook.  Maybe a goal should be to make more crock pot meals.  That way it's done when he gets home.

Now that I've completed the challenge and followed through, I have a freezer full of egg bites and egg cups, and some new recipes to try.

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