Monday, March 24, 2014

dinner tonight

Nothing very exciting tonight.  2.25 oz. of turkey breast rolled around .75 oz of pepper jack cheese, with honey mustard on the side.  I added a little pepper to make the picture look at little less boring.  I would have had three rolls, but the deli person sliced the turkey really thick.  Three slices (more than 3 ounces) would have been too much with the cheese.  My tummy can't fit all that yet.

I hadn't planned on having this for dinner, but I bought lunch meat over the weekend and didn't realize until 11 PM last night that I didn't buy any bread or rolls.  The bread isn't for me; it was so I could make sandwiches for Bob's lunch.  Since I couldn't make any sandwiches and didn't want to waste the lunch meat, I decided to have the ham with the pepper jack for lunch, and then turkey with pepper jack for dinner.  

Guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow?

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