Kitty Korner

So, this page is for my kitties.  I'm a crazy cat lady, according to my husband anyway.  We have 11 cats at the moment.

I volunteer with the local cat rescue, the Stratford Cat Project. It's a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue of homeless and abandoned cats in Stratford and surrounding communities.  We don't have a shelter so we depend on our small network of foster homes to provide care for our cats.  We have lots of awesome cats and kittens up for adoption so please visit the website if you're looking for a furry bundle of love.  All of the cats and kittens are tested and vaccinated before being adopted out, and they are already spayed or neutered.  We do charge an adoption fee; however, it is much less than what it would cost an adopter to have all the vet work done on their own.  If you'd like to adopt, donate, foster, volunteer, or just check us out, here's the link:

So, here are the stars of my home.



Thelma and Louise, sisters, adopted from the Stratford Cat Project in 2011.
Update:  Thelma (left) passed away on May 26, 2017. RIP, Big Girl.

Update:  George passed away on July 1, 2015. RIP buddy!

Update:  Felix passed away on February 15, 2017. RIP bud!


Riley, adopted from the Stratford Cat Project in 2013.
Update:  Riley passed away on November 9, 2014.  RIP, my special little snowflake!

Max, brother to Bailey

Bailey, brother to Max

Update:  Prince passed away in June 2015. RIP Princey!

Update:  Thomas passed away on October 19, 2016. RIP little guy!

Leia, adopted from the Stratford Cat Project in April, 2015

Tiffany, AKA The Diva, adopted from the Stratford Cat Project in February, 2016

This is Marty, who was adopted from the Stratford Cat Project in November, 2016. 


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    1. Yes, it is! He's always hiding when people come over so no one ever gets to see him.

  2. Dawn, I didn't want to get into this on AAM because I don't want to ruin the plot for people, but my husband has had to figure out what to do with his parents' two cats - his parents both died this summer and made no provision for the cats. It has been awful for him because he does not want them to go to a shelter, but there is not a big market for 14 year old cats who have litter box problems. I know you love your kitties! Even if you don't make a will, maybe just a note with some instructions to a family member might be a good idea?

    1. Yes, I definitely need to make arrangements. I have a lot of cats and I think it would be tough to get any family members to take them. I still volunteer with the cat project so that could be an option, but only if necessary. They're already overflowing with cats. Good luck to your husband!