Sunday, March 30, 2014

crockpot southwest chicken

Today I decided to make one of the dinner recipes I found during The Cooking Cure:  Crockpot Southwest Chicken.

One of the assignments of The Cooking Cure was to find five dinner recipes to try.  I had a brick of cream cheese (neufchatel, actually) in the fridge and was looking for a way to use it.  Before surgery I would have made a big three-egg omelet and put a big slab of the cheese in it.  Three or four more breakfasts like that and it would have been gone.  But I can't eat that much anymore and it would take me a long time to use the cheese otherwise.  So I came across this recipe and it seemed super easy; just toss the stuff in a crockpot and forget about it.  I'm all for that.

This recipe made quite a bit, which is good if you have a few people in the house.  But since it's just me and Bob, and I can't eat much at one sitting, guess who's going to be eating this for lunch or dinner all week??

I liked it, but it seemed to be missing something.  At first I thought it's because my taste buds are changing, but Bob said the same thing. We both agreed that next time I should add some taco seasoning and maybe some green onions.

Here's the recipe I used:  Crockpot Southwest Chicken

It looks foggy because of the steam.

I put mine on a small 6" tortilla.  I was only able to eat about 3/4 of it.  Next time I will skip the tortilla, or maybe serve over baked tortilla chips.

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