Monday, March 3, 2014

the cooking cure, day one...

I'm going to do something that will test my ability to follow through.  Following through on things has always been an issue for me.  So many times I would have a brainstorm or think of a project, start to work on it, and then promptly get bored and move onto something else.  It's strange - I always follow through on the really big things (buying a house, going to college later in life, weight loss surgery), the things that take the most effort. Weight loss itself is not included in this list, hence the weight loss surgery.  But the little things, the things that could be done in a short amount of time and with minimal effort, tend to escape me.  I don't know if I decide it's not worth the time or effort, or if I just get bored and want to do something more exciting.

So, I'm going to test myself.  I read a blog called theKitchn.  It's devoted to home cooking and kitchen design.  They've just started The Cooking Cure.  It's a project that runs for four weeks.  (They also run The Kitchen Cure, which focuses on getting your kitchen in order.) Each day I will receive an email with a homework assignment that I will need to complete.   The purpose of this particular Cure is to get people to cook at home more often.  A good thing since many of us eat out quite often.  I'm guilty of this.  Prior to my surgery I barely cooked at all, and if I did it was something quick and easy, a.k.a. frozen and processed.   I figure at the very least I will have followed through on something.  At most, maybe it will give me ideas for my new post-surgery diet and help me to want to cook more.

Today's assignment is to write down what I ate for breakfast for the last week.  That's it.  Don't do anything but write down what I ate.  But wouldn't you know? I want to take a shortcut already.  I have no patience. It says to write it down with pen and paper. Pen and paper.  I don't use pen and paper anymore, not really.  I want so bad to just type it in here.  But I won't.  Be right back...

OK, here it is.  Longhand!!  It just about killed me, but I did it.

If anyone cares to do their own Cooking Cure, here's the link.  You need to sign up to get the emails.

The Cooking Cure: Day One

The Cooking Cure: Signup

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