Thursday, March 13, 2014

dinner last night

Last night I decided I wanted a hamburger.  Not a frozen patty (the one at the diner last week was plenty!), but a homemade patty.  No bun, of course.  Since I had defrosted a nearly-three pound package of ground beef I figured I would use that.  Well, after browning a pound to mix with marinara sauce and pasta for Bob, I discovered I has less than I needed for a make-ahead meatloaf.  So, my homemade burger was not meant to be.  I actually had to add a little TVP to the meatloaf mix to make sure I had enough meat.  

I still wanted a burger and then remembered I bought a package of Morningstar Farms Grillers Prime "hamburger" patties.  I cooked it in the frying pan with some cooking spray.  I put some cheese on it right before it was done.  I also threw a few tater tots in the toaster over.  Can't have a burger without some form of fries.  I served it with some mayo and ketchup.  I put it all on a regular dinner plate this time so I could feel like a grownup.

I was only able to eat 3/4 of the burger and three tater tots.  The burger was good, although I didn't like the crispy texture of the edges.  It just seemed weird to me for some reason.  The flavor was good; it didn't taste like a burger, necessarily, but it didn't taste like grains or fakeness either, which was good.  I might buy these again, but would probably wait until my stomach can handle a small toasted roll or might buy a different flavor.  I bought them mostly for the protein and the lower fat and calorie content.  They make me feel like I'm dieting and if I feel like that too much, I'm not likely to do as well with this surgery.  I don't want to feel like I'm forced to eat fake food or diet food.  I've mostly stuck to real food (meaning no fat-free mayo or fake cheese, etc.) and that keeps me on track.

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