Saturday, February 22, 2014

tonight's dinner...

Tonight for Bob's dinner I decided to make a casserole using a can of Pillsbury biscuits I had in the fridge.  It's been kicking around for awhile and needed to use it before it expires.  I found a recipe on their website for a hot dog and beans casserole, which is topped with biscuits.  Not very healthy, but it was the one recipe for which I had all the ingredients.

Here's the recipe I followed:  Hot Dog and Beans Casserole
(Note:  I subbed barbecue sauce for the ketchup.  I do that with meatloaf, too.  We prefer the taste of barbecue sauce.)

For my own dinner I made a Gorton's grilled Haddock fillet, which I was able to finish in it's entirety.  I baked my fish in the oven using my special little baking dish I bought at Pier 1 when I visited my cousin in December.  I also bought a bunch of small bowls for myself.  I figured that would help me not to over serve myself and to feel like I have a full dish.

I was going to have some of the casserole I made, but thinking about the sugar content (brown sugar, barbecue sauce, and pork and beans) and the hot dogs made me decide against it.  I don't seem to be sensitive to sugar post-op, but I don't want to really test it too much at this point.  For anyone who doesn't know, too much sugar could cause me to go into dumping syndrome.  What that means is that if eat too much sugar and it dumps into my intestines too quickly, I could get the sweats, dizziness, nausea, etc., and it can last for hours.  About 30% of gastric bypass patients are sensitive to sugar like this.

So here's Bob's dinner.  Nice big baking pan of beans, biscuits, and hot dogs.  *sigh*

And here's mine.  A tiny little baking dish with a 3 oz. fish fillet (about 2.5 oz. once it's cooked).

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  1. Well both look yummy! I didn't know about the sugar issue....Wow