Saturday, February 15, 2014

breakfast today...

Ah!  The weekend again.  I've had it easy at work over the last two weeks with only about 5 full days because of snow closings, a delayed opening and a day off.  I still look forward to the weekend, though. And, best of all, it's a three-day weekend for me:  bank holiday on Monday. :)

This morning I helped out at the Stratford Cat Project.  I cleaned the main foster home and then transported some kitties to the adoption event in Fairfield. Hopefully they'll find their forever homes today.  Now that I need time in the morning to have some hot chocolate and eat something, I have to get up a lot earlier than I used to.  (I used to just order out at work all the time.  All.The.Time.) I need about a half hour to drink the hot chocolate, then I wait a half hour, then eat breakfast, which is another 20 minutes or so.  So with this new lifestyle I usually need an additional hour and a half in the morning.  Being that I'm still adjusting to having to be to work by 8 AM, I don't usually have time to eat at home so I bring breakfast to work with me and just east at my desk.  Today was no different.  I had time for hot chocolate and that was it.  I meant to bring some string cheese sticks with me to eat in the car in between cleaning and transport, but, of course, I forgot. So, a bottle of water from my trunk helped keep me satisfied. (I LOVE that water fills me now.)

After I was done with transporting I walked over to Whole Foods to browse.  That's one reason why I sign up for the Fairfield adoptions - so I can have an excuse to go to Whole Foods.  Yes, they are ridiculously expensive on many items, but they have a great selection and everything is so fresh.  And I can often find items I can't find in other stores.  I stay away from the meat sections because it's just so overpriced.  Yes, it's organic, grass-fed, and whatever else, but I refuse to pay $21.37 for a small pre-marinated steak.  Yes! - $21.37 for ONE steak.  And it was small, too.  If I'm paying that much for a steak, someone better cook it for me and deliver it to my door wearing a tuxedo and toting a cute kitten.  Anyway, I stick to the hot foods, prepared foods, snacks, and the bakery.  Sometimes I visit the cheese section, but I could go wild over there so I tend to stay away.  Today, however, they had cheese samples out near the olive bar.  Lunch is served! I stopped and grabbed three of the biggest cheese cubes.  They also had fancy crackers and a bowl of roasted garlic and onion jam (my favorite choice for goat cheese paninis).  I grabbed one cracker and put some jam on it, then strolled around the store while I munched on it.  That's all I needed; I was full.  It was nice to know that I can grab a few samples and be satisfied.

If anyone is local and is interested in supporting the Stratford Cat Project, we're having a Dine for the Cause fundraiser this coming Thursday.  See below for details.  Just click on the pictures to make them bigger.  In addition to the website link above, you can find us here, also:  SCP Facebook Page

Here's a coupon that you can print out and bring with you.  Very important:  You need this coupon in order for SCP to receive the donation.

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