Sunday, February 9, 2014

my first week back at work...

Sorry I haven't written for a few days.  I've been busy getting back into the swing of the work routine.  I've officially completed my first week.  Although, I didn't start until Tuesday and Wednesday was a snow day so it was only three days.

I think the toughest part of going back to work is getting my body used to getting up earlier and going to bed earlier.  It used to be that I would start the process of getting ready for bed around 10 PM and would get up in the morning around 7:15 AM (although I usually pushed that to 7:30 or 7:40 most mornings, even though I naturally woke up around 7).  By the time my first day of work rolled around I was getting into bed around midnight and then reading in bed for a bit.  Then I would wake up around 8 AM, sometimes 8:30. Boy, was it tough last week having to be up by 6 AM!  Really, I could get up around 6:45 AM and be at work by 8 AM, but with my new lifestyle I need to allow some time to prepare the tummy for food.  I think in time I will be OK to eat shortly after I get up, but for now I need about 45 minutes to prepare it.  And by "prepare" I mean settle it with some high protein hot chocolate.  I wake up extremely hungry and the hot chocolate takes the edge off my hunger and gets me ready to want to eat.

I find getting in all my water and vitamins is so much easier now that I'm working.  I use one of their 12 oz. paper coffee cups and drink 4 of those throughout the day.  That gives me my 1.5 liters of fluids for the day before 5 PM, which means anything after that is just gravy.  I keep the vitamins on my desk so I remember to take them.

Breakfast and lunch have been easy.  They gave me an awesome lunch bag that includes a water bottle so I toss in my cheese sticks, yogurt, and my lunch for the day.  I also brought in a bunch of stuff from home to keep in my cube in the event I forget my lunch:  protein bars, cashews (tummy isn't too sure about these yet), and Crystal Light.  They have a toaster oven in the kitchen, which I'm pretty psyched about.  I can bring in my cauliflower crust pizza and toast it nice and crisp.

So, the job itself?  I think I will like it.  I'm now more of a worker bee than a manager like I used to be and I'm finding it difficult to adjust to that mentally.  I don't mind reporting to someone, but I guess I feel stifled somehow.  I don't know.  This weekend I've been plagued with doubts as to whether this is the job for me, whether I should call the other bank that is dying to recruit me.  The other bank had a job for me that would have me working on all sorts of high level projects and I'd be on my own pretty much. The downside is the commute.  Actually, not the commute itself, but getting from the train station to the bank.  It's just a pain.  I know I need to give this job a fair shot, though.  It wouldn't be fair to anyone, including myself.  What if I quit and go to the other bank and I hate it?  Then I'd be trapped.  I was at my last job for 17 years so this is likely why I'm doubting myself.  On the upside, I get out at 5 PM and don't have to work a minute later. Plus, I'm non-exempt so I'll be paid overtime if I work over 40 hours.

To come later this week:

  • before and after pictures!  I've lost some more weight, which I'll reveal when I post the pics. :)
  • it's my wedding anniversary tomorrow!  18 years married and almost 24 years together.
  • a review of Calcet Creamy Bites.  This is my calcium of choice and the bites are delicious.
  • whatever else I decide to write.

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  1. Sounds like you have things under control. I'm sure it will only get better :)