Wednesday, February 19, 2014

dinner tonight....

Dinner tonight was nothing special:  pulled BBQ pork from Whole Foods.  I would have liked to have it on a nice toasty potato roll like Bob did, but I have to severely limit that stuff.  The past week or so I've gotten into the UTZ Pub Mix and I've noticed the scale has stopped moving.  I'm not overeating in terms of calories (almost impossible at this stage), but I'm eating more carbs and that can stall the weight loss.  For the past couple days I kept my hands out of the pub mix and I was rewarded with a loss of .4 lbs.  Not much, but something.  I am going to stick to the plan 100%, because I'm determined to break the 60 lb mark by next Monday, which is my two-month follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  It seems as though surgery was many months ago, but it's only been two months.

So, here's my dinner tonight.  Yummy pulled BBQ pork.  This is about 2 oz.

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  1. Keep up the good work.....You can do it :)