Monday, February 10, 2014

it's our anniversary...

Today is my 18th wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe Bob and I have been together for almost 24 years. Time really flies when you're having fun.  It seems like yesterday when he and his friend drove up to my friend's house and picked us up. It was a blind date for us.  And we weren't even supposed to meet.  He was supposed to meet another girl who backed out at the last minute.  Good thing for me!

None of us were the kind of people to go on a "date".  A date for us consisted of driving around for awhile, listening to music, and drinking.  (Yes, drinking.  Bob was legal, after all.) Then we would go back to Bob's house, listen to music, talk and drink. We hung out behind his house a lot.  Same routine most of  the time. We ate at the diner or Duchess a lot, too.  Eventually we moved in together and then got married.  Then we bought the house and the rest is history.

I think part of what's kept us together so long is that we trust each other.  And something else we believe helps is that we aren't joined at the hip.  He goes camping a few times during the summer, I take trips with my sisters, go to Def Leppard concert road trips, or go visit my dad.  There are a few people we know that don't comprehend that at all.  It's a foreign concept and they can't believe that Bob "lets" me go away without him. Yeah, no one "lets" me do anything.  I do what I want to do.  So anyway, we stay out of each other's hair and that helps minimize bickering and stuff.

It's been a great life together so far.  He treats me right; he helps around the house (more than me sometimes); he fixes things, usually the right way the first time; he supports me in whatever I do; and he's always there for me.  When I think about "home", I think about him, not the house or town I live in.

So, happy anniversary, dear!  I love you!


  1. So beautiful! I can't believe its 18 years already.

  2. You have a beautiful story.............Happy anniversary Dawn & Bob!!!!

  3. Two lucky people. You forget to mention he loves cats.

    1. Yes, that's the most important thing!!