Friday, February 28, 2014

life lately...

I figured I'd talk about a few other things going on, other than my weight loss.

Bob and I are starting to think about looking for a new house.  We're getting really tired of our current location and need more space.  We've been in our current house for 17 years.  We bought it right after we got married.  We got it cheap due to it being a foreclosure and it needed work.  We're on a dead end, but we're surrounded by a few small businesses and a couple houses.

The business that's at the end of the dead end is getting to be a nuisance.  They make artisan pasta and now that they've bumped up production, their crew is there almost 24/7; liquid nitrogen deliveries are coming at all hours, sometimes at 6 AM and others close to 10:30 PM, which are really noisy; and many of their workers are completely disrespectful of the fact that people live on the street.  They speed up and down the street, blast car stereos, and carry on outside during their breaks in the summertime. We lost power one morning so the AC went off.  (That's what drowns out any noise we might hear since the bedroom faces the street.)  They were all out in the parking lot screaming and hollering, having a good ole time, blasting their Spanish music.  It was 7 AM!  On a Saturday!  I got up, went downstairs, threw open the front door and started yelling at them to keep it down because it's 7 AM on Saturday and people are trying to sleep.  At first they acted like they didn't understand me.  Then I said, "this is me being NICE!"  They finally turned the music off and quieted down.

So we're going to start house hunting.  Since he works in Danbury and I'm in Bridgeport, anything in between is fair game.  We want space, both in terms of square footage and acreage.  I have a big family and it would be nice to host parties and picnics and have the room to accommodate everyone.  All Bob wants is a garage.  I'm a little more discriminating. LOL

Speaking about new work life is rough.  Not the place or the people or even the job.  After a couple weeks I've realized that I made a huge mistake and should have chosen the other job opportunity. Even though I thought I wanted to go this direction, I didn't realize until I was in the new job that it's not the direction I want to  go.  I even went to visit the psychologist who did my pre-surgery evaluation, just to get a completely objective opinion.  She agreed that I should pursue the other job and feels I made the "safe" choice between the two.  She said that eventually I will become frustrated and return to my old eating habits. After thinking about it I realized she's right.  She said after spending so many years in one place there's bound to be a "rebound relationship" with the first job that I take, and that I should give myself a pass on this. So, I emailed the other place and I'm waiting to hear back.  Let's hope.

Random kitty pic for you.  Leo got a lion's cut a few weeks ago.  The kittens try to play with the pom pom on his tail and I can tell he's embarrassed.





  1. Good luck on the job pursuit. Sometimes, going a different direction is the best way to go. Trust me, I did it. As far as house hunting, I hear upstate NY is quit nice. Great job on the weight loss. You look FABULOUS!!!

  2. You mean, thanks Debbie. Lol

    1. Well, since you didn't put your name in and you're downstate on the PA border, I didn't piece it together. LOL