Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a little project...

I decided my kitties needed blankets for their beds.  I found instructions online for making a no-sew fleece blanket.  Normally I buy them from the local cat rescue, but I needed 6 of them and I was unemployed at the time.  Cheaper to do myself.

So here are some pictures of my project and my helper, Max.  He tried to drag the blanket away more than once.  And forget the tape measure! Basically all you do is cut two pieces of fleece the same size, put them back to back, cut the fringe, and then tie the fringes together.  Voila!  A kitty blanket.  My cats love them. My friend's cats love them, too.

If anyone here is local and wants to purchase a blanket like this, just visit one of the public adoptions held by the Stratford Cat Project.  Click on the link for adoption dates and locations.  The blankets we sell are about 24" x 30" and are $10.00 each.  Made by one of our volunteers, machine washable, cat tested, and cat approved. :)  And hers look better than mine.

Finished product.  This is a small one, about 18" X 18". 

Thelma enjoying the new blanket.  Max lost interest once it was completed.


  1. Very nice! I have made these before and it was so easy I loved it :)

  2. My cats totally love these things! Next up is a leopard print blanket. :)