Thursday, February 27, 2014

i tried a brownie...

Yesterday I talked about the potluck breakfast that my coworkers set up for someone's birthday.  I was good and stayed away from it all.  I took home a piece of broccoli casserole for dinner and that was it.  I came in today and they had put out the leftover muffins and brownies.  At lunchtime, I decided I would treat myself to a very small slice of a brownie.  I would say it was 1/2 inch wide and an inch long.  It was so delicious and incredibly fudgey.  It went down fine, but about 3 minutes later I felt a little queasy.  I continued on with my lunch and I felt fine after about 5 minutes.  Later in the afternoon I was feeling my work ADD kick in and decided to have another slice. Again, I felt queasy and this time it sat like a rock in my stomach. Lesson learned.  It's too soon for that stuff.  I'm actually glad I didn't feel good afterwards.  It will serve as a deterrent in the future.  I'm starting to feel a little "head hunger" lately, and I really dread when it comes back in full force.  I'll have to learn to distinguish head hunger from stomach hunger.  Not easy to do sometimes.

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