Sunday, February 16, 2014

today's menu...

Today I hit about 750 calories and about 69g protein.  Right on target.


For breakfast today I decided to be a little different.  As stated in yesterday's post, I made a trip to Whole Foods.  While I was there I picked up some roasted chicken breast from the hot bar.  (This time I stayed away from the roasted chicken thighs, which were too oily.)  Now that I eat so little, it just seems a lot easier to pick up foods that are already prepared, especially if it's something Bob won't eat, like bone-in chicken. Plus the grill is out of propane and I'd have to shovel my way to it.  So, I bought one chicken breast with the wing attached and that will give me about 4 meals.  I ate some for dinner last night and when I entered it into my tracking program I noticed that 2.25 oz packs a whopping 19.6g of protein!  For breakfast I decided to make a chunky chicken salad with 2.25 oz chicken breast, 2 TB light mayo (I only use Hellman's), a few dried cranberries, and salt and pepper.  I felt kinda weird eating chicken for breakfast.  It felt wrong somehow and goes against everything I've ever known.  But then I figured I've eaten breakfast for dinner many times.  Whats the difference?  At least it helped me get a jump start on my protein for the day. The kitties got some of the chicken breast, too.


Lunch was in the car today:  a pepperjack cheese stick and a bag of protein chips.  I decided to run to the clothing store to return a shirt I'd bought before surgery. I bought it for the SCP volunteer dinner, but didn't get to wear it.  I couldn't go to the dinner, because I was having "issues" with the liver flush diet I was on in preparation for my surgery.  It's now two sizes too big so I won't be wearing it.  I used my credit to buy a few shirts on clearance.  It kills me to buy any clothing right now, but I'm running out of clothes for work.  I walked out with four shirts and 6 pairs of pantyhose for $55.00 so I was pretty happy.


Tonight's dinner was meatloaf.  I use the recipe on the Lipton Onion Soup Mix box.  I replace the ketchup with barbecue sauce.  I also paint the outside of the meatloaf with barbecue sauce and, when it's just about done baking, I add some cheddar on top.  I can hear my arteries clogging now.  I also made Hasselback potatoes.    So, my dinner was 2.25 oz meatloaf and three slices of one potato (one slice didn't make it onto the plate :) ).


Before breakfast I had my usual Bariwise high protein hot chocolate and for a snack later on I had a 1 oz piece of cheese.  I drank lots of water in between.

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