Saturday, February 15, 2014

some funny stuff...

I was browsing through the blogs I read and came across something I just had to share.  Apparently Martha Stewart tweets pictures of her food on Twitter and some of them look like something my cats dragged in from outside or regurgitated, or both.  You might want to wait until your food has settled before you look at this link.

From The Kitchn: Martha Stewart Takes Unappealing Food Photos Just Like Everyone Else

Here's another link I thought was amusing.  You have to scroll down a bit once you get to the website.  Read the captions under the pictures; it's pretty funny.  I may not be into cooking that much, but at least my meals don't look like the ones in these pictures.

Dimly Lit Meals For One

And this one, because, well, it's cats.  'Nuff said.  Multiple pages of funny stuff on this site.

Cat Shaming

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  1. I couldn't get past Martha's first photo........yuk!!!!!!!