Tuesday, April 8, 2014

weekend wrap-up

This weekend I made a batch of Mexican egg bites, egg cups with a new flavor of goat cheese (yes, half-priced!), some egg cups for the hubby, and some sausage and cheddar egg bites.  I need to cut back on making them; I'm running out of room in the freezer.  Not to mention I have a lunch meat drawer that's almost exclusively cheese, because I keep snagging the half-priced goat cheese at Big Y.

Yesterday I talked about us wanting to sell the house and move.  We've been looking around at open houses to see what's out there and it's been keeping our weekends busy.  Sunday we went to an open house for a home that was built in 1735.  The house was big and it was very well-maintained.  There was some damage to a few of the ceilings from a leaky roof, but the roof was replaced late last year.  Some of the wall paper was peeling, also.  And the kitchen was tiny.  Minuscule.  But it was interesting to see the original flood boards, which were beautiful and still had the original nails.  The basement had a room that was used to hide from the Indians and we couldn't fully stand up because the ceiling was so low.  We could see that the house was supported by split logs.  Actual tree trunks!  The property was what really appealed to me:  a stream with a covered bridge (!!), a barn, a two-car garage, and about 1.4 level acres.  And it was quiet.  I could hear the stream babbling and the crickets chirping nearby.

Although we like the house and LOVED the property, we probably won't go for it.  It takes money to maintain a house that old in the way that it should be maintained.  I worry that any project we do will be a giant headache and cost tons of money.  We noticed at least three different kinds of electrical cable and three different kinds of piping.  And also the pipes in the basement were wrapped with asbestos.  Fine if you leave it alone, but if we ever had to replace the pipes we would need asbestos remediation, which is expensive.

After that we stopped for dinner and then went to the Chef's Equipment store in Orange so I could buy a mini doughnut pan for making protein doughnuts.

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