Sunday, April 6, 2014

breakfast today

Today's breakfast was one fried egg and a Morningstar Farms veggie sausage patty.  I've started frying my eggs (in cooking spray, of course), because runny yolk doesn't take up any additional room in my stomach, which means I'm able to add a sausage patty.  If I were to scramble the egg I would only be able to eat the egg and nothing else, because the cooked yolk makes it more bulky.

Today I've added a pic of Bob's breakfast so you can see what I used to eat, versus what I eat now.  And I feel just as full.  He had three scrambled eggs with sausage and cheddar, cinnamon toast, and hash.  It was supposed to be an omelet, but it didn't hold together today for some reason.  His is a full-sized dinner plate and mine is a salad plate.  They look like they're the same size, because I zoomed in a little on mine.

Bob's breakfast.

My breakfast.

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