Friday, April 18, 2014

tonight's dinner: weight watchers chicken santa fe

Tonight I'm dining solo so I decided to make something convenient:  a frozen dinner a.k.a. TV dinner.

I wasn't one for eating frozen dinners much prior to surgery, and this is only my second one since then  Most of them are loaded with salt, the portions are generally tiny (they seem so much bigger now), and they skimp on the meat big time.  And what little meat is in them is usually mushy and "chopped, formed, pressed..."
Not to mention the cost.  Some can cost more than $5.00, which is crazy.

Even though I don't really eat these meals much, I decided to buy a few awhile back.  I bought a couple Weight Watchers Smart Ones (less than $2.00 a piece on sale) that don't contain any pasta or potatoes, and some Atkins dinners.  I wanted something convenient and easy to bring to work, but since I've made so many damn egg bites in the last month, the dinners have been sitting in the deep freezer.  

I couldn't face yet another egg bite so I nuked a Weight Watchers dinner.  This one was Chicken Santa Fe. It had chicken breast chunks in a tomato-based sauce with peppers, onions, zucchini, and black beans.  It looked very soupy when I was heating it up, but it came together a little better once it was done heating and I let it sit for a couple minutes.  It was still a stew consistency, though.  

As you can see, it was small; the whole meal fit inside my small bowl (this isn't a cereal bowl).  I highly doubt someone dieting would get full from this meal.  Although, it was the perfect size for me, post-op. I was able to finish about 3/4 of it, including all of the chicken.

It was pretty good and I might buy it again, but it would have to be on sale.  I wouldn't pay full price for it.

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