Friday, February 13, 2015

today's lunch

I'm not much of a soup eater, but this is today's lunch.

I'm embarking on a project:  to completely cook through and ear through everything in the cabinets and freezer.  I find that I routinely forget about things I have in the house and end up throwing them away because they're expired or freezer burned.  I figure I'll save money and and it will force me to cook more often.

So in an effort to reduce waste and economize, which unfortunately is necessary right now, I've decided to finally eat for lunch one of the many cans of soup I own. It's Progresso Light Chicken Corn Chowder. And I'm using my new special soup container I bought a few months ago. The soup is pretty good. A little skimpy on the chicken, but good overall. I'm having some crackers with it. Can't have soup without crackers.

I'm hoping it will fill me more than it used to. Before surgery it seemed like soup just wasn't filling enough so I usually avoided it. But my stomach is smaller now so I should feel full for a bit. Hopefully.

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