Thursday, February 12, 2015

gnc lean muscle meal

While I was put this weekend I decided to stop in at GNC. I don't usually go there, but I had to return something to another store in the plaza and that store wasn't open yet.

Much to my delight they had a cold case with individual protein shakes. I figured since it was the weekend and would probably forget to drink my protein shake (what the heck is it about the weekends??) I'd buy one while I was there. It's convenient and I can try something new without buying a whole package. I ended up with the store brand Lean Muscle Meal, which we $2.99. If I were a GNC member it would have cost something like $2.79 I think. 

I didn't really like this shake all that much. I've gotten used to drinking shakes that are very low in sugar and don't contain any artificial sweetener, so this tasted very artificially sweet to me. It tasted a lot like Pure Protein, which I don't buy anymore because it's too sweet. The consistency was fine, though.

Bottom line is I wouldn't buy this again unless there was nothing else available.

I was happy to see Quest protein bars so I grabbed some. Expensive though... $2.99 a piece!

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