Saturday, January 31, 2015

crockpot italian chicken

I've been trying to find ways to make easy meals that don't take a long time to prepare.  I came across a link on Facebook and it was about making 40 crockpot meals at once.  You just bag all the raw ingredients and toss the bags in the freezer.  When you want to make one, you just pull out the bag, empty it into the crockpot, and cook it. Dinner is ready when we get home from work.

I wanted to do all 40 meals, but when I looked at the recipes I realized there's a lot of things the husband won't eat, or I just didn't have the ingredients.  So, I kept clicking around and eventually came to a recipe I wanted to try:  Crockpot Italian Chicken.  There were a few recipes, along with a shopping list, but this is the one for which I had everything on hand. I skipped the red pepper flakes; I'm just not a fan.

I cooked one of these during the week.  I added almost an entire small can of tomato paste, because the sauce just seemed too thin. Also, I wanted to serve it over pasta; it just didn't look like a filling meal for Bob.

I thought it was good and I'd make it again, although I would add tomato paste to the bag before freezing.  I like a little thickness to the sauce.  It was very easy to put together before I froze it and cooking it in the crockpot makes it that much easier.  I ate mine without the pasta since I'm not really supposed to have it. Besides, I don't care about pasta anyway.

This is Bob's plate.  I figured it would look better than mine.


  1. That looks delicious! The problem with our crockpot is that it is too big for the amounts listed in the recipes. But that doesn't mean I can't cook this - it sounds good. I usually cook a big batch of something and then freeze it in smaller containers.

  2. Yes, I enjoyed it. I just felt that the sauce was really thin. It's fine if you're like me and will be eating it as is. And it took only a few minutes to bag it up for the freezer. I don't like to have to cook a bunch of ingredients before cooking it in the crockpot, Kind of defeats the purpose of a crockpot.