Saturday, January 24, 2015

goat cheese omelet

Today's breakfast was a one-egg goat cheese omelet.  I have a ton of goat cheese in the fridge to use up so I figured a goat cheese omelet would be a nice change from the Greek yogurt and peanuts I usually eat. I've started buying goat cheese when I visit my dad in New Hampshire because it's a couple bucks cheaper:  $3.99 for a 10 oz log!

All I do is mix one egg with some milk, salt, and pepper and cook it in a frying pan with some butter (I need butter for an omelet.  No compromising on that!).  I flip it and then add about 2 TB of goat cheese to one half. Then I fold it over and it's done.

This particular omelet came out really fluffy for some reason. It's usually tough to make a one-egg omelet and not have it come out thin.  

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