Wednesday, January 14, 2015

jd gourmet flavored oils

When I visited the Beekman 1802 farm in NY last year there was a garden festival going on in town.  There were lots of artisan booths with plenty of goods and foods to be had.  It was especially fun to sample.

The JD Gourmet stall had all sorts of flavored oils and vinegars to sample.  I love flavored oils since I don't have to think about seasoning - I just pour it and eat it.  I picked up some Basil Garlic & Parmesan Oil, Rosemary & Garlic Oil, and Cherry Balsamic Vinegar.

I'm not sure what I will do with Cherry Balsamic Vinegar yet.  Maybe use it for salad dressing or on meat.  I'm thinking it would go well with chicken or pork.

This weekend I used the Rosemary & Garlic Oil to make roasted potatoes and carrots (yum!).  I just cut up carrots and potatoes, poured the oil in, tossed it around, and threw it in the oven.  A no-brainer.  Came out really good, but I think the potatoes could have used either a little more time or a more shallow pan.

I've been using the Basil Garlic & Parmesan Oil to dip pieces of stuffing bread.  I went to the grocery store a couple weeks ago and saw that they had stuffing bread in the bakery.  I assume they take a loaf of day-old bread, run it through some kind of slicer, dry it out, and then bag it.  Voila:  bread cubes for homemade stuffing.  I bought some because I planned on making a turkey, but then my plans changed.  What to do with all the stuffing bread?  Dip it into flavored oil, of course!

Very addictive so I need to reign myself in with this.  This oil has a ton of flavor with a little kick to it.  It's hard to see, but it's packed with basil.

As you can see, the bottle is almost empty...

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