Monday, January 5, 2015

tonight's dinner

Tonight I decided to finally open a package of Gorton's Grilled Fillets, Garlic Butter flavor.

I've had a few boxes in the freezer for at least 6 months.  I tried them when I was first able to go back on solid foods, but I found them to be too much chewing at the time.  Back then I had to be very conscious of making sure I completely chewed everything down very well.  Some foods just weren't palatable after a certain point.  This was one of them, along with pot roast and salad.  I still have to chew well, but not to the point I did before.

These things are so easy to make.  Just spray a little baking pan with cooking spray, cover it, and bake it.  When it's done you have a perfect (post-op) sized fish fillet that's full of flavor and you didn't even have to make an effort.

There's lots of protein in these fillets:  a whopping 14g!  Only 80 calories and 3g fat, no carbs.

I paired my fillet with a baked potato topped with butter.  (Yes, I use real butter.  I need flavor and I can't see spending money on the diet butter spreads.  I want to enjoy my food and learn to eat in moderation.  Eating diet butter spread makes me think I can eat a lot more of it.  Diet foods do that to the mind, and you end up eating more calories that if you just had a small amount of the regular item.) I was able to finish most of the plate.  I made sure to finish the fish since that's where the protein is.

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