Sunday, January 18, 2015

today's breakfast

Just about every day of my life I have a Greek yogurt with dry roasted peanuts mixed in.  It's got a lot of protein, it's low in sugar, it's filling, and it tastes great.  Plus it's easy; I like easy.  Once in a great while I'll go a little crazy and have cottage cheese with a little Splenda and some dry roasted peanuts.  Living on the edge.

On the weekends I try to stay away from those things since it can get a little boring sometimes.  Plus, I have more time on the weekend.  I'd never make eggs during the week. No time.  I have a hard enough time dragging myself out of bed before 7 am and getting myself to work on time.

This weekend I made kind of a ham hash.  I cut up a ham steak I had in the freezer and then fried it.  I then fried some onions with a little butter and put the frozen hash browns in to fry for about 15 minutes (we like them crispy).  I tossed the ham back in to warm it up.  When it was done I turned the burner off, topped it with some shredded cheese, and put the lid on to make the cheese melt.  I made scrambled eggs on the side.

It tasted great, although I think I should have cooked the ham less; it was a little dry.  Truth be told, I forgot about the ham in the frying pan.  (I need to start a blog about my style of cooking:  toss the shit together, even if I'm missing a few ingredients, forget about it while I surf the net, and see what happens.)

I was able to finish my plate.  I took about 1/3 cup of the hash, making sure to take a little more ham, and had one scrambled egg.

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