Wednesday, January 28, 2015

fairlife ultra-filtered milk

Something I used to really enjoy before my weight loss surgery was a big glass of cold milk, usually with ice.  I would often drink in down in just a few gulps.  There's just something about a cold glass of milk that I can't put into words.  After my surgery, though, it was clear that I'd never drink milk in the same fashion again.  I was sad about that.  I mean, I can have it, but I'm limited to about 4 oz.  There's just too much sugar for me.  There's about 12g of sugar in an 8 oz. glass of milk and that's a little too much for me.  I can handle about 8 to 10g in one sitting and I'm OK.

I went to Walmart over the weekend to do a little food shopping.  While loading up on eggs in the dairy section, I noticed something new: Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk.  Bob wanted a small container of milk for work and I thought it was one of those single-serve bottles.  I checked it out and it has 19g of protein (!) and only 7g of sugar for the whole 11 oz. bottle. I read the bottle just to make sure it wasn't some weird science project masquerading as milk.  It said that it's milk, just ultra-filtered, whatever that means.  So, I bought it.

When I got home I Googled it so I could read about it.  It's just what it says:  milk that has been ultra-filtered.  Apparently, they filter the milk "into its five components (water, butterfat, protein, vitamins & minerals, lactose) and then recombine them in different proportions."  So that's how they get more protein and less sugar.  It's a new Coca Cola product and it came out just a few weeks ago.  The cost is along the lines of specialty milks, like organic, lactose-free, etc. I didn't save the receipt so I can't tell you exactly what I paid, but I know it was under $2.00 for an 11 oz. bottle.

While I'd been eagerly waiting to try it, part of me was a little nervous that I'd bought yet another product that sucks.  You know how it is. You buy something that's supposed to taste like the real thing, or it's enhanced, or whatever, and when you taste it, it tastes like crap and you realize you got duped again and wasted a precious few bucks. So, I was nervous, but excited.

How did it taste?  Just like regular milk.  At least to me it did.  I didn't notice any discernible difference in taste or texture.  And the best part, aside from only 7 g of sugar, was that it was ICE COLD!  I didn't drink the whole bottle, though.  I decided I'll save it for when I'm craving milk.  And, yes, I will definitely buy this again.

Nutritional stats (for an 11 oz bottle):  170 calories, 6g fat, 9g carbs, 9g surgar, and 19g protein.

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