Wednesday, July 30, 2014

settling in

I haven't posted in awhile due to moving into a new house, so figured I would write a few lines.

We moved into the house this past weekend.  The whirlwind started on Thursday night when we picked up the uhaul truck and then continued on through Sunday might. It was so hectic and exhausting.  We filled a moving container, a 14 foot uhaul truck, our car and the Blazer, and still had more to go.  Lucky for us the house is vacant this week so we were able to grab the last few odds and ends.  Thankfully we had help with the moving.  I don't know what we would have done without it.  Thank you to everyone who helped us!  We're so thankful,

I'm off of work this week so I've been spending the time doing a little unpacking, rearranging furniture, and dealing with all the people coming out for different work.  We had to have some work done on the well, we had no hot water so had to have the furnace guy come out, and we've got the propane guys coming out to install propane.  We're getting there.  But just like it felt like I'd never get packed and moved, I now feel like I'll never get unpacked and get it all cleaned up.

As for my diet, it's terrible this week.  I've been living off of cold pizza since we can't use the well water for drinking or cooking, and we can't cook anyway because the propane hasn't been installed yet. We just got the grill up amd running yesterday so Bob got hamburgers.  I again had cold pizza. Oh well, just a couple more days and I'll be able to cook.

So how do I like the new house?  I absolutely love it!  Actually, I should say I love living in a more suburban, country-like area.  And I love my property.  So peaceful and full of nature.  The house is great, too, but obviously there are things I'll want to change at some point.

Guess I'll go unpack a little more.

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