Thursday, July 17, 2014

today's breakfast and lunch

Today for breakfast I have two herbed goat cheese and sausage egg cups.  These are coming in handy now that I'm busy with packing and moving.  No need to cook.  Just toss a couple in my lunch box and I'm done.

For lunch I've got two lunch meat rolls made with Applegate Farms turkey breast and American cheese with a side of baby Kosher dill pickles (I love them sour!).

Snack is peanuts.  For some reason I get the munchies around 11 am on weekdays. (Probably has something to do with my feelings about my job.) I like to call it Elevenses.  I heard this reference in the first Lord of the Rings movie and thought it was just something they made up for the movie script; however, I found out through the power of Google that it's real.  Apparently it's British and it means "light refreshment (as a snack) taken in the middle of the morning," according to  Huh.  I now feel the need to drink tea.

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