Sunday, July 13, 2014

cinnamon ricotta pancakes

I haven't been cooking much lately now that I'm having to pack up my house and prepare to move, so today I decided I would take the time to make a new recipe.  It's not my recipe, but a new one nonetheless.

Today I made Cinnamon Churro Ricotta Pancakes for breakfast.  I got the recipe from The World According to Eggface blog.  I actually didn't make any changes to the recipe this time.

The pancakes came out great and tasted like cinnamon churros.  I put some butter on top (real butter; I don't bother with the fake stuff anymore) and poured on a little sugar free pancake syrup.  I was able to eat three of them; they're only about 3 inches in diameter.

If you decide to make these pancakes, keep in mind that they're not the usual light and fluffy pancakes we all know and love.  They're more dense because of the added ricotta cheese.

Here's the recipe:  Cinnamon Churro Ricotta Pancakes

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