Monday, July 14, 2014

the week in review

Last week was pretty busy for me.  I'll be glad when the move is over and I find a job I'm happy with.
  • We finally got a closing date for the new house:  tomorrow!
  • I decided to buy a Groupon for karate classes.  I've always wanted to learn karate, but I never signed up because I was too self-conscious about my weight.  But now that I'm down about 108 lbs., I think it's time to start trying new things.  It will be great exercise, too.  The Groupon is good for 120 days, so I'm thinking I'll start using it in September.
  • I found out that the job I've so desperately wanted for the last five months is not available.  I won't say much on this other than the job and the circumstances turned out to be not what I thought they were. I've decided I probably don't want to work at this company based on how things happened.  So, I'll concentrate on the move for now and start looking in September.
  • The moving container was delivered.  We're using 1-800 Pack Rat.  The night before it arrived we had to run around trimming the trees that overhang the driveway in order for the truck to have enough clearance.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough room in the driveway and, after several failed attempts, had to put the container in the street.  We've started packing it, mostly with the big stuff.  It's clear, though, that not everything is going to fit.  We're going to have to make several trips back and forth to get everything.  Lucky for us, we'll have about a week and a half after closing to finish packing up and moving.
  • I attended a birthday party/cookout for my brother-in-laws birthday.  Great food, great company.  But the sun was brutal.  Bob and I spent a lot of time in the house with the air conditioner.  Parties are tough when it comes to eating.  Not because of all the goodies, but because I just don't have enough room to try everything I want to try.  My sister made pasta with crab and shrimp sauce.  I didn't eat the pasta, but had a little sauce with four shrimp.  I also had some cheese, pepperoni, and crackers. Then I was full.  When the meal was ready I had most of a chicken leg, a couple forkfuls of baked beans, and half a hard boiled egg from the top of the potato salad.  Dessert was half a cookie and half a brownie.  I normally stay away from that stuff since it bothers my stomach.  I felt kind of lethargic for awhile afterwards, but I was OK.

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