Thursday, July 24, 2014

time to move!

Well, the time has come to move to the new house.  We just picked up the UHaul, the moving container is half full, and many boxes have been brought up to the house already.  Tomorrow we're going to empty the basement and garage, then it's on to the furniture.  And the kitties are being transported tomorrow, too. Then the moving container will get picked up Saturday.

I wasn't able to concentrate at work at all today.  Mostly because I'm busy thinking of all the things I haven't thought about yet.  As a result, I was like a bottomless pit today.  I just wanted to do nothing but eat.  I brought some food to work so I wouldn't have to throw it out or truck it up to the house.  Big mistake.  I ate almost all of it:  a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers, about 8 small biscotti (diet), and some corn nuts.  Might not be a lot for most people, but it is for me considering my stomach is so small. I spaced it out, of course, but I still ate it all.  I ate my regular meals, too:  two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast; Atkins frozen dinner for lunch; and two breakfast sausages, a half a Quest bar, and three pieces of cheese for dinner (one American ans two Swiss).  I feel BLECH!

It will be over soon enough and then I'll be busy setting up the new house.  Just need to make it through the weekend.  And remember that I have a nice, shaded patio waiting for me.

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