Sunday, July 6, 2014

the week in review

Now that things are getting busy with the big move, I figured I'd do a little recap of what's been going on the last week or so.

  • We're going to be closing on the new house later this week.  It's amazing how much paperwork and gathering of paperwork goes on for this type of thing.  It seems like every time I send in the requested items, the lender emails me another list of items to gather.  I'm a banker, though, so I know this is par for the course.  
  • The moving container is coming tomorrow!  I'll be so happy to see that thing delivered.  I have boxes starting to stack up in the back room, and I just picked up a bunch of furniture I bought from a friend, which is stacked in the dining room, living room, and front porch.
  • I've lost another 2 pounds!
  • I talked to the CEO of the other bank I want to get into, so my job misery might be coming to an end very soon.  So happy for that.  I feel very underutilized and like my work doesn't matter.  I'm just checking off boxes, so to speak.  After the prior bank failed, I really thought I wanted a low-key, single-focus type of job.  No managerial duties, just go about my business.  Biggest mistake I've ever made, I think.  Didn't listen to my gut.  But hopefully that will be fixed soon.
  • I was almost out of dry cat food the other day.  I was too lazy to go to the store, so I rationed what was left (only two of my cats eat dry food exclusively, the others just snack on it).  I ran out completely yesterday and since we were picking up furniture (multiple trips), I didn't get to the store until later.  I caught Bailey fishing for old friskies under the radiator.  It was sad, really.  But we brought home two big bags later on.  We filled all the bowls, they ate it happily, and then all promptly went to sleep on the new furniture.
  • I tried a Dunkin' Donuts munchkin the other day.  Someone brought them to work.  I spit it out.  It was just too doughy and sugary for me.  It didn't taste good like it used to.
So, that was my week.

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