Thursday, September 11, 2014

week in review

I've had some ups and downs this week.  It's still too early, though, to render it terrible.  We'll see what today and tomorrow brings.

  • I was rejected for two positions I applied for, but another came up that seems to be a great fit.  I'm going to apply for that one today.
  • We got our well water test results back and our water is bacteria-free!  Bob installed a UV filtration system because we're unable to locate the well.  But after buying a new pressure tank ($1500) and a UV system ($700), it seems our well pump is bad.  The water is cycling on and off.  Since we can't find the well, that means either having to excavate to find it and paying thousands of dollars up-front, or moving to city water and paying thousands of dollars over five years.  Hmmm....
  • My computer screen seems to be dying.  The screen is purple.  I love purple, but c'mon.  These LCD computer screens are crap.  I've been through three in the last four years.
  • The other night I left my breakfast and lunch on the counter overnight, which meant no prepared food for work yesterday.  Had to buy lunch.
  • I dropped part of my breakfast on the floor and had to start over again.
  • And now it seems the cat has closed himself in the closet.  
What's good about this week?  I'm having a big cookout this weekend with friends and family. So, it can't be a terrible week, right?

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