Friday, September 26, 2014

stuffed pepper soup

This was Bob's dinner the other night.  I'm not a fan of stuffed peppers, so I refrained from eating it.  He said it was good, but it didn't taste too much like stuffed peppers.

I'm thinking next time I'll add a mix of sausage and ground beef, and maybe used the canned diced tomatoes that have onion and garlic added.  I might also replace the water with beef broth.  Finally, I think I would make sure the beef it very lean.  We used 85% lean and it was kind of greasy on top.  I had to skim the grease.  However, it could be that we didn't drain the cooked beef well enough.

It was really easy to make and took about an hour from start to finish.

I got the recipe from Taste of Home.  Find it here:  Stuffed Pepper Soup.

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