Saturday, September 20, 2014

hot and spicy!

I bought this trail mix at Staples yesterday. I'm a sucker for the snacks they have near the registers. Actually,  I'm a sucker for any container that says "trail mix." I just can't resist.

This mix is a combination of toasted corn, peanuts, sesame sticks, chili rice crackers,  chili lemon sticks, and pumpkin seeds. It's all covered in a spicy kind of southwest seasoning. I don't know what brand it is since there's nothing on the package.  The nutritional info isn't too bad:  1/2 cup contains 150 calories, 9g fat, 14g carbs, and 5g protein.

I really liked this. I will warn you that it's very spicy and hot! If you can't handle hot salsa, you won't be able to handle this.

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