Monday, September 29, 2014

today's breakfast and lunch

Bob and I took our first trip to Stew Leonard's the other night.  We've been to Stew's before, but not to this location.  We now live within 10 minutes of one!  : )  The purpose was to get some dinner from the hot bar, but of course we ended up buying a bunch of stuff.  Not junk food like we used to buy, but definitely nothing that falls into the "needs" category.

One of the things I got from the hot bar was BBQ pulled pork.  Yummy!  That's what I brought for lunch today.  I added some crackers on the side.

I also bought some fresh pineapple, which was also yummy.  I've decided to start adding some fruit, although I find that the fruits I used to like just don't appeal all that much to me anymore.  It's a texture thing.

I had a Greek yogurt (not shown) with peanuts mixed in for breakfast, as usual.

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