Friday, September 26, 2014

crystal light liquid

As a bariatric surgery patient, I need to drink a lot of water and plain water gets pretty boring. I'm always looking for new sugar free drink mixes.

Everyone seems to rave about liquid flavorings like Mio and others, so I decided to try some. I bought the Crystal Light brand, Strawberry Lemonade flavor. No particular reason other than that's what was in the store I was at.

I don't see what the fuss it about, other than the convenience of flavoring one glass or bottle of water at a time.  I found it difficult to find the right amount of flavoring to add. First time I underestimated.  Then I overestimated the second time and it was very sweet. Third time seemed ok, but it's tough to get it right and make it consistent. The flavor was pretty good once I got it right, though.

I probably wouldn't buy this again. Not the particular brand, but liquid flavoring in general.

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