Thursday, June 12, 2014

today's lunch

I found something new in the store when I went shopping this weekend. It's by Yopa. It's dip made with Greek yogurt, served with pita chips. The only flavor they had on the shelf was Spicy Three Pepper. 

Over the weekend I bought what I think is the Whole Foods version of cheese ends. It's French yogurt cheese with sun dried tomatoes. I cut up about an ounce and had that with the dip and chips, just in case I didn't like the dip.

I really liked the dip and chips. It was pretty spicy, but not intolerable. I would definitely buy this again. Very convenient,  fits in my purse and it was cheap. I think it was 1.25.

The cheese...hmmm. I liked it when I tried it the other day. It was pretty strong, but I like strong cheese. Today it was just overpowering.   Funky, even.  Especially when paired with the spicy dip.  So I only ate a couple pieces and tossed the rest. If I were to buy it again i would use it for cooking only, like in my egg cups or an omelet.

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