Friday, June 20, 2014

making progress, I guess

I don't have much to say tonight, other than I packed some more boxes in preparation for moving.  Doesn't sound like much, but I packed four tonight, two of which were quite large.  I packed some knick knacks, most of my baking pans, all my cake decorating supplies, and some other miscellaneous kitchen stuff, like the crock pot and food saver.

Even though I have a stack of boxes to prove it, I don't really see any progress.  I guess because most of the stuff I packed is stuff that was in my cabinets.  But if you saw inside my cabinets, you'd realize it's progress.  One would think I could toss a lot of it since I don't use it much, but I find that every time I think, "Yeah, I'll toss this," I keep it, figuring I'll use it at some point.  And it's not junk at all.  It's stuff I've spent decent money on and it's not gadget-y type things.  (I gave up on that stuff long ago.  Not worth it.)

Packing up a house seems like such a daunting task.  Seems like it's never going to happen.  I think once I start packing up things I keep on the counter, the rest of the stuff on my walls, and go through all my clothes, I'll start feeling like I'm making progress.

Now, I just need a closing date on the new house.

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