Sunday, June 1, 2014

guylian's no sugar added chocolate

I mentioned a few days ago that I need to limit my sugar intake and when I'm craving chocolate (very rare), I'll need to stick to no sugar added chocolate.  I gave you my thoughts on Lily's No Sugar Added Chocolate.  I've found another brand that makes no sugar added varieties and it's Guylian.  They're known for really good Belgian chocolate so it stood to reason that their no sugar added variety would be very good.  I found both dark and milk chocolate at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I believe the cost was the same as Lily's, $3.99 per bar, but Guylian's bar is 3.53 oz., whereas Lily's is 3 oz.

The taste was great and the texture very smooth.  I think the taste is comparable to Lily's, but the texture is a little smoother.  I'm thinking Guylian's would work well in any recipe calling for melted chocolate.

I checked the nutritional information.  A serving of Lily's, 40 grams (about half a bar or 1.5 oz.), contains 180 calories, 15g fat, 22g carbs (12g fiber, 1g sugar, 7g erythritol (sugar alcohol)), and 2g protein.  The same serving size of Guylian's contains 200 calories, 15g fat, 21g carbs (1g fiber, 3g sugar, 17g sugar alcohol), and 3g protein.  I like the stats on Lily's better, mainly because there's 12g of fiber, which is really high, and there's less of the sugar alcohol.  (Note:  I'm not eating a full serving size.  I eat 1/4 of that, maybe once or twice a week.)

Overall, even though Guylian's is smoother and has a richer taste than Lily's, I would have to stick with Lily's.  Why?  Because after 1/4 of a serving of Guylian's, my stomach is bothering me.  That didn't happen with the same amount of Lily's chocolate.  I'm thinking it's because the sugar alcohol is much higher in the Guylian's bars.

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