Sunday, June 22, 2014

morningstar farms hot & spicy veggie sausage patties

Ever since it hit the mother lode on half-price goat cheese, I've been combing the cheese section every time I go grocery shopping. I shopped last night and all I scored this time was some smoked mozzarella.  Good for snacking, but I can't really use it for making egg cups.

I went on about my shopping and headed for the freezer section.  I came upon a freezer full of half-price stuff.  It appeared to be things that either weren't selling well or were being discontinued.  I combed through and found some Morningstar Farms Hot & Spicy Veggie Sausage Patties.  This stuff usually sells for about $4.00 a box, so I grabbed some.  I like their other veggie sausage patties and I like hot and spicy, so at $1.99 I couldn't go wrong.  There were some other Morningstar Farms items, like a personal sized pizza and veggie burgers, but the carbs were way too high in the pizza and I'm not much of a veggie burger person.  Even though I wanted to buy them just because they were half price, I restrained myself.

I made a sausage patty for breakfast today, along with a one-egg omelet filled with the remainder of the horseradish goat cheese.

The sausage patty was very good.  I cooked it in the toaster oven.  The texture is different than real sausage, but it wasn't mushy.  I think had I microwaved it, it would have been.  The flavor was good, but hot and spicy it was not.  Not even remotely.  It had more flavor than their original sausage veggie patty, and tastes much better than the maple flavor, but it needs a little more spice.  Still, I think it was a good buy and I'd buy it again.  Probably in lieu of the original flavor.

I finished the whole veggie patty and a little more than 3/4 of the omelet.

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