Tuesday, April 7, 2015

food diary: 04/06/15

Here's a picture of my day yesterday. I'm using My Fitness Pal to track my food. I'm aiming for 1,100 calories per day and at least 80g of protein.  I went over my calorie allowance yesterday, but I'm OK with that since I just recently started tracking again.  In just a few days, I've realized that it's really important to track my food.  Actually, anyone looking to lose weight should track it, especially a post-op; you just don't know how much you're eating unless you write it down.  It's so easy to say, "I know what I'm supposed to eat and how much. I know what a portion looks like. My new, smaller stomach will tell me when I've had enough."  We think we know what we're eating and how much, but we often underestimate and end up eat a lot more calories without realizing it.  I had no idea how much adding peanuts to my morning yogurt was affecting my calorie intake.  I thought I was adding an ounce, 160 calories, but once I started measuring I quickly realized I was adding AT LEAST two ounces, or 320 calories (!), to an 80 calorie yogurt!  Not to mention all those times I pop a piece of cheese in my mouth while I'm preparing my lunch or cutting up the cheese blocks.  Big eye opener!

Note:  Some food descriptions might look a little weird.  I'm using whatever the program gives me, rather than creating custom foods.

April 6, 2015

Dannon - Greek Light and Fit Blueberry Yogurt (150g), 1 container (150g)809g0g12g10mg45mg7g0g
Eggs - Hard-boiled (whole egg), 2 large1551g11g13g424mg124mg1g0g
Crystal Farms - Pepperjack Cheese, 1 oz1101g9g6g30mg200mg0g0g
Generic - Chicken Breast, Grilled - Homemade, 3 oz1380g3g27g72mg63mg0g0g
Green Beens - Cut Green Beans, 1 ounce51g0g0g0mg4mg0g0g
Crystal Farms - Pepperjack Cheese, 1 oz1101g9g6g30mg200mg0g0g
Any Fresh - Celery (Raw), 2.5 oz (29g)3810g0g3g0mg188mg0g5g
Cedar's - Original Hummus [gl], 4 TBS (14 g)12010g6g4g0mg208mg4g2g
Eas - 100% Whey Protein (Vanilla), 2 Scoops (36g)1507g2g26g80mg150mg2g0g
Fairlife - Skim Milk, 1 cup Cooked806g0g13g5mg120mg6g0g
Mission - Chicharrones (Pork Rinds) - Plain, 1/2 oz. (14g)800g5g9g20mg270mg0g0g
Giant - Garlick Bread Stick, 1 stick15021g4g3g0mg280mg3g1g

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