Thursday, April 16, 2015

crunchy roasted chickpeas

This weekend I tried my hand at making roasted chickpeas.  I figured it would be a good snack, something different. I happened to come across a recipe by Alton Brown and thought I'd give it a try.

I really wanted to like these.  I followed the recipe; however, the chickpeas lacked flavor and many of them were teeth-breakingly crunchy. I love Alton Brown and most of his recipes are awesome, but this one just didn't come out right.

The recipe calls for dried chickpeas, which are soaked overnight in red vinegar and kosher salt.  You then drain them, dress them with a mixture of red vinegar, dijon mustard, and olive oil.  Then you roast them at 400 degrees for an hour and then salt them.  They're supposed to be a take on salt and vinegar potato chips, but you use chickpeas instead.

After reading the comments, I decided to soak the dried chickpeas for a full 24 hours, rather than overnight like the recipe states.  Most people said they were way too crunchy so I figured 24 hours would help.  Nope.  The ones that were very dark brown were so crunchy I was afraid I'd crack my crown.  The ones that were golden brown were crunchy and just right.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't taste the vinegar.  I ended up tossing them.

If you want to try your hand at them, here's the link to the recipe. Crunchy Chickpeas

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