Sunday, April 26, 2015

a new kitty in the house

It's official:  this little lady is ours!  We signed the adoption papers yesterday.

Her name is Leia and she's about two years old.  She came to the Stratford Cat Project with her brother in 2013; she and her brother were found next to a dumpster as kittens.  Due to her rough start in the world, she has a bit of a food obsession.  Although, it's not as bad as it used to be.  What that means is that she hangs around during our mealtimes much more than the normal cat does. And she occasionally steals the butter if it's not covered properly. Pork rinds, too.  She was overlooked by potential adopters because of her obsession with food and her initial shyness.  Actually, one family adopted her and then returned her after two days because she was so shy. Come on! Two days?!  Guess they didn't want to deal with letting her get acclimated.

We recently lost one of our cats, Riley, very suddenly and were looking for another cat.  We decided we would foster Leia and see how it goes.  The first week was tough since she pretty much stayed under the bed and seemed very scared; I was skeptical.  But eventually she opened up.  It took her a good two weeks to really get comfortable with hanging around the house.  And now she's just a peach and totally at home, especially when it's the humans' bedtime.

Her favorite pastime is to sit on the recycling bin in the kitchen and watch while I cook or do the dishes. Sometimes she likes to "help," which really means that she's on the counter in front of me while I'm trying to reach around her to wash the dishes.

We're so happy to have her.  Welcome to the family, Leia!

Leia, the ladybug hunter.


 Here's her favorite spot.

This is how she "helps" with the dishes.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! She's very petite and has such a girly meow.

  2. Ooh, she's so pretty!

    My little kitty has a kitchen stool where she sits and watches me do kitchen things, always with a quizzical expression on her face, sort of like, are you really sure about doing that? :)

    1. Thanks! She's quite a character. I love when she's in the kitchen. She seems so interested in what I'm doing. Most of the time she sits nicely, but once in awhile she decides it's time to walk all over everything. Although, she never gets onto the counter I use for food. She especially likes to get into the sink after the dishes are done.