Sunday, March 1, 2015

kay's naturals protein puffs

I discovered a health food store in my new hometown recently.  I don't usually buy much when I go to these stores, but I like to look and see what they have.  Lots of times they have protein bars or specialty items I want to try.  They had some good stuff, but it was SOOO pricey.  More than Whole Foods charges, actually.  I didn't buy much.

One thing I bought was Kay's Naturals Mac & Cheese Protein Puffs.  I used to buy these online when I was doing the Medifast diet.  They were a cheaper alternative to the Medifast food and the nutritional content was identical.  I decided to revisit since I'm often looking for something to crunch on at work and these are high protein.  If I'm snacking, I might as well get some protein in there.

They taste good, but don't expect them to taste like regular cheese balls or doodles.  They're cheesy, but they're also "diet" food.  But if you know that going in, you're probably going to like them. What's nice is there isn't a weird protein taste.  And there's a good quantity of them in the bag.  The cost is about $1.69, depending where you buy them.

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