Thursday, March 12, 2015

eat through the kitchen progress

Sorry, no pics today.  Not because I haven't cooked, but because it's embarrassing:  some variation of poultry, rice, and veggie for the last week.  When I started this thing I didn't realize I had so little beef in the freezer.  And so. much. chicken.  So much.  I may have to break my rule of not buying any meat just so I can get a little variety.  Or I'll need to Google my fingers off and find a really different chicken recipe.  Actually, I have a ton of lentils and quinoa in the cabinet.  I'm sure I can figure something out.

We've been doing good, though.  I've gone to the store a few times, but I haven't bought anything I don't need.  I've mostly eggs, milk, bread, and lunch meat.  Stuff like that.  I did buy a few unusual ingredients, like coconut milk, but that was because I found a recipe and that was the one item I needed to complete it.

I'll try and get a little creative this weekend so I can post something.  I just didn't want to post chicken again.

But since I want to post a picture, here's one of Leia, the new foster cat.  She's gettin' down with the catnip while Bailey watches.

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