Thursday, March 26, 2015

eat through the kitchen progress

Well, I've done pretty well with this challenge so far.  I've had to toss some frozen green beans that looked like they had been in the freezer a very long time; I don't even remember buying them.  I tossed some hamburgers that got freezer-burned.  Other than that, though, I've been able to use my freezer items without a problem.

One thing I will say is that when you do something like this, you need to be prepared to eat a lot of the same meat.  I had a ton of chicken in the freezer when I started, a little pork, some beef and a few other things.  I wish I had thought to buy some beef ahead of time, but it is what it is.  I've tried to be a little creative by making the Broiled Yogurt Chicken, Italian Crockpot Chicken, and a few other things. But I'm not sure how much more chicken I can take.

This has really tested my ability to not make spontaneous, unplanned purchases.  I actually have to fight my way through the store, because I just want to toss stuff in the cart; I'm so used to doing that.  I will admit I broke down and bought some hamburgers and hot dogs the other night, though. I just had to.  The thought of another chicken dish just got to me.  Other than that, I've stuck to buying just what I need to make a certain recipe or for the week's lunches at work.  I really can't afford to make a lot of unplanned purchases at the moment; however, that will be solved by the end of April.

I think I might do some baking this weekend since i have tons of cocoa powder and other baking stuff on-hand. I'll have to bring it all to work and dump it over in my team's cubicle area so I don't graze on it all day (more on that another time).

If I post any more chicken dishes next week, I'll be sure to make something a little more exciting that grilled chicken!

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